360 Life Concept | Body & Mind Alignment
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Why Us

Solving life’s problems, finding life’s purpose or transforming lives requires much more than acquiring a certificate, attending a course or reading self-help books

Our approach consists of an innovative method that sheds light on the power of individualized experience in addition to the tools which enable clients to reap life-long benefits. Once enrolled, you will learn how to practice and experience the effect of the quantum self-discovery techniques.


Open the Eye of All I’s program will take you on a journey of self-discovery that empowers you with new insights to who you really are, and in so doing, to put you on the path of inner balance and clarity. The program is designed to help you identify and activate the connection between body, the mind, and the universe. When these three parts are incongruent, your life feels chaotic. To take charge of the direction of your life, you must learn how to bring them into alignment.


Open the Eye of all I’s follows a top-down approach which connects you to the “I” who resides in the Universal Mind. This approach is incomparably more powerful than the opposite Bottom-Up approach, which is an attempt to direct your life at the level of your personality and its sub-conscious programs. Think about it this way – it’s easier to understand and change the parts of the whole when you can see the whole from above, than trying to figure out the whole, from piecing together the countless parts.

The benefits our clients gain:

  Deep Transformation which can be measured and manifested through increased health, vitality and ability to maintain inner peace regardless of circumstances.


  Unique methods and practices to access your higher state of balance and clarity whilst enabling your social network being family, friends, customers and /or business partners to do the same.


  Your own 360˚ Life Concept – your clearer path to fulfillment and the magic key to synergy between your inner and outer worlds.


  Empowered intent, increased intuition and the embodiment the Universal Laws.


  You’re enabled to act from a higher perspective, make wise decisions, lead with impact, and become a source of inspiration.


By opening the Eye of All I’s and connecting to your “I” residing in the Universal Mind, your intelligence will expand beyond core values, goals, decision making, or controlling the 5 senses. You, body and mind, will be attuned to:


The Universal Values which are the source of the Core Values.

The Concept of Life, which defines goals.

The power of motive, the root of all decisions.

The underutilized sixth sense called INTUITION – the most trustworthy communication means between your outer and inner world.