Life Concepteneur empowering coaches&healers to excel in theirpractices
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Born with innate energy awareness, Empath, I’ve always been able to sense and use the power of energy to explore the deeper life and reality. That was difficult to explain and caused me deep sadness and harsh feeling of loneliness. On paper, I had everything: Loving family, caring friends, expensive education and the perfect career. Yet I still felt unfulfilled. Every time I hit a milestone, the hole of emptiness grew bigger. My own personal quest for inner healing took me to India, to study with various spiritual masters and practice deep meditation techniques from Satguru.


However, when I moved to Dubai in 2008, I felt like a rootless tree. Torn between my elevated consciousness and my physical belonging, I became severely depressed. I fell out of balance between the physical and esoteric realms. Knowing something doesn’t mean it’s being lived out. I had elevated my consciousness, I realized, but did not practice proper balanced techniques. I asked myself:  Shall I live on anti-depressants the rest of my life or do my inner homework?


In 2010, I stopped reading and seeking answers from outside and spent time with myself, closing myself in my room. For three consecutive years I brought the Himalayas to Dubai. My room became my remote temple. I minimized outside interactions and did only basic duties with my kids and my husband. Ignoring everybody’s puzzlement, the clarity and enlightenment about my real self, life and existence unfolded. The time spent alone helped me reconnect all my “I”s—the “I” that belongs to the body, the “I” of the mind, and the “I” that belongs to the universe. The empty hole in my life had been transformed into overwhelming wholeness as I literally witnessed the day of my birth!


My body and mind work in harmonic synchronicity with the Universe. My life is no longer defined by high and low moments; it became a journey of balance where my body, mind, and life are fulfilled equally with peace, love, and inner joy. Without exaggeration, I can now say that every day brings me profound liberation and deep satisfaction. I happily wear many hats – mother, wife, business women, energy healer, and life coach. This blend of “I”s makes me a Life Concepteneur. In 2018, I have published my practice E-book “Open The Eye of All I’s”, a guide for achieving inner balance and clarity. In 2019, I have bublished my arabic book ” Arcturus 0.0 – Code To Activate The Sacred Cells” available on this link.


My journey led me to become a certified Life Coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and Reconnective Energy Therapist. Now you can get the results of my training and experience saving you years of searching dead ends, spending thousands of dollars and years of hassles. With my easy, life-changing program, you will learn successful methods and techniques and begin finding clarity and inner peace today. Your wonderful new future is just one click away.